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Old Florida Charm at its Finest

Posted on August 1, 2012
By Kayak Fishing ClassicS Tournament Series
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Old Florida, the words conjure up the very essence of Southern Charm, Hospitality and Grace. That is what we found waiting for us at the Tarpon Lodge in Pineland, Florida. It is a quiet peaceful island community off of the shores of Cape Coral and a century away from the light speed of everyday life.

The Tarpon Lodge was the lodging host for the Kayak Fishing ClassicS latest tournament, the Pine Island Master Slam Classic which was held on July 14. In addition to being at the old lodge which was established in 1926, the ClassicS staff was there for a photo shoot with artist Steve Whitlock. Steve’s famous art work hangs on the walls at the Tarpon Lodge and his unique style blends right in with the Old Florida lifestyle of the lodge.

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Kayak Fishing ClassicS

Posted on July 26, 2012
By Bob Bramblet,
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Kayak anglers comparing prospective fishing areas.

Kayak fishing tournaments have become fairly common throughout Florida. Whether it’s a charitable event, a local tournament or a tournament series, there is an event for everyone ….. Then there are the series. The IFA has the Kayak Tour that is very popular, and then there is the Kayak Fishing ClassicS. Recently, the Kayak Fishing ClassicS had the Pine Island Master Slam tournament in Pine Island. I have participated in KFC events before and found them to be competitive and very well run, so I decided to sign up and write about it as well ….

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