1926 Historic Lodge

Charming rooms, hardwood floors and convenience

Welcome to Tarpon Lodge & Restaurant

Tucked within our 1926 historic house, you’ll find eight charming rooms with original, beautiful hardwood floors. Some rooms are upstairs (no elevator) and some are downstairs, all having convenient access to our restaurant and lounge.

You can choose from a variety of bed types: either one King waterview; two Queens non-waterview; one Queen non-waterview. Experience a piece of history in this old gem!

Seasonal Rates

Seasonal rates are subject to change

Spring 2024

February 1st-May 31st 2024

2 Night Minimum

  • King Waterview (Sun-Thurs) 320+tax (Fri-Sat) 335+tax
  • 2 Queen Waterview (Sun-Thurs) 320+tax (Fri-Sat) 335+tax
  • King Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 270+tax (Fri-Sat) 295+tax
  • 2 Queens Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 270+tax (Fri-Sat) 295+tax
  • Cottage (Sun-Thurs) 405+tax (Fri-Sat) 445+tax
  • Boathouse (Sun-Thurs) 460+tax (Fri-Sat) 500+tax

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Summer / Fall 2024

June 1st-October 31st 2024

  • King Waterview (Sun-Thurs) 230+tax (Fri-Sat) 255+tax
  • 2 Queen Waterview (Sun-Thurs) 230+tax (Fri-Sat) 255+tax
  • King Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 215+tax (Fri-Sat) 240+tax
  • Queen Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 165+tax (Fri-Sat) 190+tax
  • 2 Queens Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 215+tax (Fri-Sat) 240+tax
  • Cottage (Sun-Thurs) 310+tax (Fri-Sat) 340+tax
  • Boathouse (Sun-Thurs) 350+tax (Fri-Sat) 375+tax

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Holiday 2024 / 2025

November 1, 2024-January 31,2025

  • King Waterview (Sun-Thurs) 270+tax (Fri-Sat) 305+tax
  • 2 Queen Waterview (Sun-Thurs) 270+tax (Fri-Sat) 305+tax
  • King Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 225+tax (Fri-Sat) 260+tax
  • Queen Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 210+tax (Fri-Sat) 230+tax
  • 2 Queens Off-Water (Sun-Thurs) 225+tax (Fri-Sat) 260+tax
  • Cottage (Sun-Thurs) 345+tax (Fri-Sat) 370+tax
  • Boathouse (Sun-Thurs) 390+tax (Fri-Sat) 430+tax

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Important Details:

  • Seasonal rates are subject to change
  • Outdoor barbecuing, grilling, campfires or fireworks are NOT PERMITTED
  • Group/Wedding discounts & extended stay discounts offered
  • CREDIT CARD REQUIRED to book a reservation and at check-in [Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover; No personal checks accepted]
  • Check-in is between 3pm-9pm.  You must ensure you arrive by 9 pm as we do not have a late night desk.
  • Check-out 11 am
  • 14-day Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

  • Reservations cancelled more than 14 days prior to arrival: no charge
  • If cancelled, all online bookings will incur a $25 handling fee
  • Reservations cancelled less than 14 days prior to arrival: total due for entire stay is charged to your credit card
  • Tarpon Lodge does not issue refunds to guests who depart early

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