These high school sweethearts were married at Tarpon Lodge on Nov. 18th, 2017. Here, the couple shares a little more about their love story.

In what ways are you most alike? Most different?

“Personality-wise, we’re pretty different. I’m detail-oriented and Brant thinks big picture. We appreciate these differences and think they create balance in our relationship,” says Katie. “What connects us most, however, are our values and focus on family. We believe this is what creates the strong foundation for our relationship.”

What was your favorite part about your wedding day?

“After the ceremony was over and we signed the marriage license, we had about 15 minutes alone, just the two of us, to take sunset photos,” says Brant. “It was a special one-on-one moment…a shared, personal experience. It was when we knew, no matter what, we’re in it together. We love looking back at those pictures.”

Why did you choose Tarpon Lodge? What was it that stood out?

“From 1944-1969, my great grandparents owned Tarpon Lodge’s sister property, Cabbage Key. Having a special place in my heart, I convinced Brant, who had not spent much time in the area, to look at Tarpon Lodge. Once he saw the resort, he fell in love with it. And that’s actually where he proposed, right on the Tarpon Lodge dock!” says Katie.

The couple says, “We have to give props to Tarpon Lodge! Shohreh, the Food and Beverage Manager, was amazing! The staff and service exceeded our expectations. Everyone went above and beyond.”

What’s a touching, funny or memorable moment that you remember from that day?

Brant says, “I still remember the first time I saw Katie on that day. She was in her wedding gown and looked beautiful. The time leading up to that moment was so busy and full of anticipation. Seeing her had a calming effect. It suddenly became less about the day, and all about us spending the rest of our lives together.”