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Experience Authentic Old Florida at Tarpon Lodge & Restaurant

Posted on September 28, 2018
By Tarpon Lodge
Tarpon Lodge, Video

Enjoy our video showcasing Tarpon Lodge and the surrounding areas.

Photography credit: Heliconia | Facing Waves

7 unforgettable moments you’ll have fishing The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, Florida

Posted on June 29, 2018
By Tom Keer, Matador Network
Cabbage Key, Fishing & Boating, Fort Myers, Pine Island, Sanibel, Tarpon Lodge

Photo: The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

There are so many reasons to visit Florida’s lower Gulf Coast — all those beaches, the calm, warm water, the sailing, power boating, kayaking, diving, SUPing…. But hey, my linebacker legs don’t do well on SUPs. No, all those things are well and good, but I come here for one reason: to fish.

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Taking Your Kids Fishing at Tarpon Lodge

Posted on April 18, 2018
By Jon Sutton, Outdoor Empire
Fishing, Recreation, Tarpon Lodge

Anytime you go on vacation, you’ll need to make sure you enjoy as many activities as possible – you’ll be back at work soon enough, and you’ll want to have made good memories when you had the chance. And while there are certainly plenty of things to do at Tarpon Lodge, we like to encourage our guests to spend at least one morning or evening introducing your children to fishing.

Photo courtesy of Hoke Fishing Charters

Fishing is a positive and fun way to spend a few hours, at it becomes a healthy, lifelong hobby for many. But if you want your child to enjoy fishing, you’ll want to make sure their first trip is a good one and that you catch plenty of fish in the process.
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Magical moments at Tarpon Lodge: A storm clears, the lights shine, and Paul & Amber say “I Do”

Posted on September 20, 2017
By The Wells Family
Pineland FL, Tarpon Lodge, Weddings

We sometimes say “we’ve seen it all” in the decades that our family has owned and operated Tarpon Lodge. But in all the years, our community has only very rarely experienced a storm of such strength and magnitude as Hurricane Irma, a category 4 that reached our shores on September 10. Needless to say, we were worried about our staff, we worried about our guests, and we worried about our loved ones. When we realized everyone was safe and the damage to our properties was only minimal, we felt relief for a minute – until we learned that not everyone in our region was so fortunate. And yet, we knew how important it was for all of us to move forward. For us, the best way to do that is to regroup, rally our amazing team, and continue to work.

What better way to begin the road to recovery than with a wedding? At Tarpon Lodge, planning and creating a couple’s new beginning are among our favorite things. We love engaging with the wonderful people who celebrate the most special occasion of their lives with us. As with Amber and Paul, during the year or so of wedding planning we establish friendships that often last way beyond the wedding day, and we treasure those relationships. So even in light of these challenging circumstances, we knew we had to do everything we could to make sure that Paul and Amber’s wedding was all that we had worked for, and all that we had promised. Amber’s touching words follow, and we so appreciate that this new bride took the time to share her story.

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