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The path of history begins right next door

Posted on August 18, 2016

We have always been fascinated with the rich and storied history of our community. Working at Tarpon Lodge has allowed us to share these unique and exciting facts with our guests who are curious about the area and how it all began. While not historians or archeologists, living and working in proximity to the Florida Museum of Natural History’s Randell Research Center has given us a lot of information to pass on. For the history buffs out there, here’s what we have learned:

Juan Ponce de Leon

The very famous Juan Ponce de Leon, whom we all learned about in elementary school, “discovered” Florida in 1513, supposedly while searching for the Fountain of Youth. I put discovered in quotes because apparently there was already a large population here – this was the home of the Calusa Indians.

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Five Highlights of a Picture Perfect Destination Wedding

Posted on August 3, 2016
By Megan Cassell, Event Coordinator, Tarpon Lodge, Pineland, FL

Newlyweds enjoying sunset views at Tarpon Lodge in Pineland, Florida

Newlyweds enjoying sunset views at Tarpon Lodge in Pineland, Florida

A dream of the perfect wedding often includes pristine water views graced by vivid sunsets and soft, twinkling lights. Imagine a hush falling over the crowd as bride and groom promise their “I Do’s.”  The air is filled with the gentle sounds of softly lapping waves and whispering Gulf breezes. When the ceremony ends, the spirit of celebration begins – wining and dining, dancing and laughing, revisiting memories and creating new ones. For couples who realized their own dreams, we asked what were the most important criteria for their island wedding. Here are their top five:

1. Private Island Ambiance

The number one reason for an island wedding is to create a unique event in a lovely, secluded setting that is classic and timeless. This is an opportunity to fulfill a vision of being surrounded by panoramic water views, swaying palm trees and rolling, manicured lawns, the perfect backdrop to a most memorable day.

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Historic stays on Pine Island Sound Part 1: Tarpon Lodge

Posted on May 20, 2016
By Jimmy Jacobs, Atlanta Outdoor Travel Examiner


Pine Island Sound is located just northwest of Fort Myers, Florida. The body of water is fronted on the inland side by Pine Island and to the west by Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva and Cayo Costa islands that separate its waters from the Gulf of Mexico. The passes connecting the sound to the Gulf are veritable highways for tarpon and other game fish at all times of the year. Also the mangrove-lined islands, creek shores and inland lakes are magnets for snook and redfish.

A Day on Pine Island Florida

Posted on June 12, 2012
By John Cameron & Sherel Purcell

A day on Pine Island with visits to Bridgewater Inn, Matlacha, Bokeelia, Cayo Costa State Park, Tarpon Lodge, Pine Island Sound and Cabbage Key.

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